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I want to inspire hope in everyone i meet

At age 18 I was facing a life sentence for crimes related to gang banging and drugs. While in prison I surrendered my life Jesus and  I heard God whisper, “I’m going to get you out of prison to plant churches.” Through a series of miracles, the prison doors opened for me after 8 years later.

Now every day I wake looking for ways to inspire the hope of Jesus in everyone I meet. One of the most significant ways I look to do that is to raise up (aka disciple) people to plant churches in inner cities all across the world. This has led me to start Every Inner City, a network of inner city churches across the world. 

But planting an inner city church has a set of unique challenges – and because of this I’ve worked with a number of amazing people to develop tools, including Side-Hustle Pastor, to help inner city churches and their leaders flourish.

I’m also a husband, father, author, speaker and pastor at Mission Church in Omaha, Nebraska. 

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Planting a church is hard, no doubt about it. But what’s practically impossible is trying to do it alone. If you have a desire to plant an inner-city church our team would love to come alongside you to equip you with tools that both I and others have used to plant churches all across the world. 

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Every Inner City has a mission to saturate every inner city with diverse, hope-filled churches – together we’re planting a network of churches across the globe.
Learn more about Every Inner City here.

Pastoring & Speaking

I proudly pastor Mission Church in Omaha, Nebraska – one of many churches part of the Every Inner City Network. I also speak at a number of events, request me for your next event here


Planting and running an inner-city church has a set of unique challenges. In order to sustain your ministry you may have to supplement your income. Out of this the Side-Hustle Pastor podcast was born. On the podcast we discuss financial stability while running an inner-city ministry. 

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I brought Myron Pierce into my church to preach and train our leaders. I can’t recommend him enough.

Greg Atkinson

Author, Speaker, Consultant, Pastor

I really believe Myron is a catalyst to the next generation of church planters.

Kris Kildosher

Founder of Activate

When you encounter Myron Pierce, you encounter passion for God, passion for people, passion for family, and passion for community. 

Catherine Toon

Author Of Marked By Love

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