Thankful for pastors that have reached out to me about the Ahmaud Arbery massacre.

Here are my thoughts…

What happened in Georgia is a tragedy it elevates the ongoing fight that we as blacks have to face every single day.

My heart grieves for the mother of Ahmaud. Today I was out on a walk (I’m on a sabbatical), and a few people noticeably chose to walk on the other side of the street as if I was a threat. This is a small drop in the bucket as to what Ahmaud experienced.

Ahmaud was gunned down and murdered in cold blood. What’s even more alarming is that this didn’t just happen. This happened a few months ago. My fear is that this would have never gone viral had not there been footage to show what happened. This would have been another classic example of how America has constantly swept the blood of my forefathers under the rug.

We are hurt, grieving, outraged, and honestly want to tear something up right now.

I wonder when and how God will use this to raise the banner of compassion, justice, and honor in the days ahead.

My fear is that in a few short months we’ll go back to life as usual and forget about Ahmaud. We’ll forget about the obligation to let justice roll down. We have a long ways to go in this country.

We have a moral obligation to work towards our kids and grandkids having a world where they can be free to live out the divine design and dream on the inside of them. That will never happen if we don’t act now. We must be vigilant in our approach, wise in our decisions, and discerning in our actions.

Here are some facts:




Here’s what we can do…

1. Become an advocate for justice.
2. Use your influence to raise awareness of injustice.
3. Diversify your relationships.
4. Confront your biases & prejudices and confess them.
5. Partner with agencies, movements, and churches that are in the trenches of reconciliation.
6. Start a local group geared towards making your neighborhood black and brown friendly.
7. Introduce your kids to culture.
8. Do not tolerate bigotry, racism, and prejudice in any form if it is in your power to do so.
9. If you are apart of any group that is intentionally or unintentionally promoting exploitation, prejudice, tokenism, or hatred expose them, challenge them, and rebuke them.
10. Educate yourself on matters of race. There are several thought leaders who have done a great job at helping us navigate this journey. I wrote a book over a year ago called, “How To Be White In A Black Man’s World” that would be a great starting place it’s available right now on amazon.