I’ve been thinking about a topic that I’d like to share with you. In American culture, we reserve the title “leader” as someone with a big personality. I’m not sure if that’s what Jesus had in mind.
I’m now in my late thirties, and I’m starting to think deeper about what leadership is. Yes, Jesus said to lead is to serve. He demonstrated leadership by washing the feet of his disciples. Jesus epitomized serving by taking courageous action to forgive others.

There’s one statement that Jesus made that is proper for this subject. “Follow me, and I will make you into fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19).


I woke up the other day with that word on my heart. What if the heart of leadership was about “Following?” Jesus often said that he only did what the Father was doing, and only said what he heard the Father say.
If we’re honest, it’s hard to follow. I know that I fail to follow when I focus on being the leader. I want to change that about myself. I want to deviate from the “cultural ideals” of leading and move towards following Jesus.
When we follow Jesus we end up where he wants us to be as opposed to where think we should be. Following Jesus isn’t like a Facebook page that we like or an Instagram photo that we engage with. Following Jesus requires a daily pattern of communion with God.

To follow is to major in relationship building with God. Following is no easy task. It’s labor-intensive, frustrating, and there’s often the risk of uncertainty. As hard as it may be the reward is well worth it.
I’m not saying I’m perfect at following, but I want that to be the standard for my life. Sure, we need leaders. But, we need leaders who have the heart to follow.