Another black man was murdered on Monday the 25th. The Minneapolis Police Officers pulled George Floyd over for a routine traffic stop. After an altercation George was handcuffed, put on the ground, and from there his life began to slip away. The police proceeded to put his knee on the neck of George.

George pleaded for his life begging the office, “Please I can’t breathe.” The officer did not move his knee until the paramedics showed up on the scene. A while later George died.

Being black in America should not be a death-sentenced. Sadly, it has come to that. I don’t have the words to fully explain how I feel now. When a nation fails to protect its citizens it is clear that we are in a war-torn nation. What is not helpful in the wake of injustice are comments like, “What did the man do to deserve it,” or “What happened before the video showed up.” For the love of God what if this was your child, your son, your brother?

The video that was uploaded to Facebook shows a graphic scene of a man at the end of his life. I feel like a weeping prophet begging our country to remember its call that all men are created equal. There seems to be a spike in police brutality and murder. Amid COVID-19 the Black community is tired. Where do we go from here? We’ve blogged, we’ve posted, we screamed, we’ve wrote the books, and we are tired.

Being Black In America Should Not Be A Death Sentence. Human life is valuable because it came from God. I wonder what George was thinking as he transitioned out of this life. In the words of Isaiah 56:1, “This is what the Lord says: Maintain justice and do what is right, for my salvation is close at hand and may righteousness will soon be revealed.” Lord, hear our cry.