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I’ve put together a collection of resources, from free ebooks to video on demand messages, check them out below. Visit my “courses” for more in depth empowerment and training.



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Digital ministry

Launch your digital ministry today!


What to avoid when going digital


Best practices for your digital ministry


+ Much more

On demand video

On demand video courses

Launching Digital Churches

In this video we’ll cover not only the basics of setting up social media for your ministry, but how to launch digital churches that are effective at reaching people, and making disciples.

Create a Plan Your Visit strategy for first time guests

Learn how to create a chatbot to bring people one step closed to entering your church doors using effective Facebook chatbots. This Plan Your Visit strategy is helpful in turning website visitors into first time guests.

Facebook Marketing For Pastors

You know Facebook is an important component, but what should you be focusing on, how much time should you spend monitoring Facebook? We’ll answer these questions and more.