Justice is a Journey

Our vision is to inspire a world where justice is king, and we seek to do that by helping pastors and leaders take the next step in their justice journey.

Partner with us to form your Justice Journey Plan



In this 90-minute session we’ll get to know you, your organization and look for ways that Justice Journey can help transform your culture. 



During this time we’ll be conducting three different one-day, in-office workshops to help assess, build, and optimize a culture of justice in your organization.



Once your organization has finished its 90-day accelerator you’ll have the choice to take your learnings and continue to apply them or we can step in to help you continue your fight for justice. 


Below are some amazing resources that can help you along the way in your Justice Journey

How to be White in a Black Man’s World – book

How To Be White In A Black Man’s World is a practical approach on how to dive into matters of racial reconciliation. In this book, Myron shares a biblical perspective and powerful experiences that help both black and white people navigate living in harmony with one another.

Black & White: How Unity and Reconciliation Can Save America – book

Myron’s book Black & White is a unique call for humility and vigilance in America. What Myron has provided is a framework for grappling with issues of injustice. In this work, Myron takes us on a journey to confront our own biases and prejudices. Self-reflection, reconciliation, and action are guardrails that Myron promotes in his book.

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The Curse of Mismanaging Blindspots

The Curse of Mismanaging Blindspots

I don't know what I don't know. If you're human you probably don't know what you don't know either. The longer I live the more I appreciate different perspectives. As an Enneagram 8 type of guy, I often shoot for the stars and ask questions later. Although, my bent is...

An Old & New Way To Lead

An Old & New Way To Lead

I've been thinking about a topic that I'd like to share with you. In American culture, we reserve the title "leader" as someone with a big personality. I'm not sure if that's what Jesus had in mind.I'm now in my late thirties, and I'm starting to think deeper about...

Why Sameness is Counterproductive

Why Sameness is Counterproductive

As of late, I’ve seen topics about sameness on social media. We cannot arrive at justice in our country by advocating for sameness. Sameness means that we lack variety, uniformity, or monotony. In the New Testament sameness is contrary to the very nature of God. When...

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