Its been weeks since the death of George Floyd. I’m not sure what that means for you in your context, but I feel something rather odd happening. Back to normal. I’m not sure what normal even means, but one thing is for sure I’m hearing less about “Black Lives Matter.” I’m not saying that the slogan has gone away, but I’m noticing the posts are less, the mentions are less, and the vocality is less. Certainly not among people of color, but I can feel it and I can see it. Maybe it’s just me, but I can feel it.

Here’s where hopeless can set in for me. When the videos and the blogs stop, my question is will we ever remember that a man lost his in the United States of America and the whole world saw it. I cannot let this go. I will not let this go. I must change, we must change, and we cannot let up.

I’m making a personal commitment to myself, my family, and the countless people who have been murdered that I will not remain silent, nor will I remain oblivious to the fact that justice is a biblical mandate from King Jesus. When it’s all said and done I want to be able to stand before Jesus knowing that I did all that I could do in my generation to ensure that every person had access to the living hope, and a quality life of freedom.

Will you join me in not allowing the dust to settle? One way I’m charging forward is in making a plea to churches to take the JUSTICE JOURNEY. The Justice Journey is a 3-month plan designed to help churches develop a culture of Justice within their organizations. Maybe you’re a pastor or leader, and you want to take the journey – let’s do it together. I’d love to help. Whatever you do, please do not allow the dust to settle, and forget that we have a pandemic on our hands, and it’s called injustice.