The spoken word

I love sharing via the spoken word, it’s so powerful! Check out my podcasts below and subscribe today! For more resources click HERE.

The Myron Pierce Podcast 

Hosted by Myron Pierce, author, speaker, and pastor. The Myron Pierce Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to inspire hope in the hearts of all people everywhere on all things discipleship, leadership, & church planting.

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Side Hustle Pastor Podcast

We inspire the side hustler in every Pastor. This is a podcast for Pastors and Ministry leaders who are in ministry, and yet have an entrepreneurial itch that they’d not only like to tap into but extend their influence into the marketplace. For Side Hustle Pastors who would like to start a business, scale, and manage it. We cover making money online and offline, marketing, sales, online presence, social media, and more.Our topics include side hustle stories, coaching and consulting, freelancing, Amazon FBA and more.Learn how to go from ideation to implementation when it comes to your business. Starting a business gives you an opportunity to impact the world, unleash hope, and thrive as an entrepreneur.Welcome To Side Hustle Pastor.

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