I’ve always dreamed of that day that I could do for my kids what I never experienced myself. That day has come, and has been here for the better part of nine years and counting. One of my prayers to God has been for me to become better at the whole dad thing. It’s been quite a learning curve. Somedays I’m nailing it, and other days I suck in the worst way.

Today we took the kids to the beach, and things did not go as planned. We got there a little later than expected, and so our game plan switched from swimming to chilling. You’d think somebody died with all the pushback we got from the kids. We had some pretty unhappy kids so much that one of them said something pretty disrespectful. I wanted to pull my hair out.

I think back to when I was a kid, and all I can think about was my kids are literally experiencing bliss compared to what I experienced, and all I get is a mouth full of complaining – ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! SMH!!!

Here’s the revelation. God teach me to be thankful. Teach me to model gratefulness when plans change. God teach me to ponder what you’ve done, reflect, and draw near. As much as I want to – I cannot change my kids. I can only model what I want them to aspire to. They get to choose from their little hearts gratefulness. I get to choose from my heart gratefulness.

What would you add?