The secret sauce behind the early years of Mike Tyson wasn’t his ability alone.

A man by the name of Cus D’ Amato took 12 year of Mike Tyson under his wing after discovering him in a nearby reform school.

After spending years investing, influencing, and training Mike Tyson, D’Amato passed away in 1985 (1 year before Mike’s heavyweight debut in which he became the youngest heavybweight champion in the world).

Mike Tyson credited D’ Amato building his confidence, turning his life around, and being a father figure.

For years D’Amato was Mike’s corner man. D’Amato decided that his number one place in the ring was Mike’s corner. D’Amato committed his life to leading from Mike’s corner, and consequently Mike became a champ.The quickest way to lead is to become a cornerman for someone else.