I don’t know if you have a chance to see Lecrae’s conversation with Pastor Louie Giglio over a week ago. It set off a firestorm by calling slavery a “blessing.” I for the life of me still cannot stomach the fact that a well known pastor was so insensitive and careless with his words. I watched that video a hand full of times, and can’t help but to think what Lecrae was thinking or feeling. I honestly think Lecrae was in shook. At first glance, I was a bit disappointed with Lecrae for not responding the way I thought he should have responded. Lecrae was completely silent. Maybe he was processing, or maybe in shock. Many of us think we would have responded differently – at least, I think I would have.

A week after watching the conversation between Lecrae & Pastor Louie I had my own encounter that was almost the same. I was talking to a pastor, and we were talking about “race” and “justice.” Halfway through our conversation, she goes, “We should just get past color… Shouldn’t we?” Instantly, I thought – this is a Lecrae moment. There I stood nodding my head.

No, we shouldn’t just get past color. To get past color is to miss the beauty of God’s creation. We should not get past color we should see it for what it is – beautiful. WHAT A RELIEF TO BE ABLE TO SAY THAT. I was glad I spoke up. Why? I was able to correct this pastor’s thinking. Although her statement was “innocent” and I understood what she was saying – it was still false. Jesus himself said it is the truth that we know and understand that will free us.

We keep people in bondage when we withhold the truth from them. So, let’s speak the truth in love, and instead of getting past color let’s acknowledge it, celebrate it, and recognize color for what it is – God’s idea.