Right now in this season of my life I am drinking a lot of cold brew coffee. To date, I’ve yet to find a cold brew coffee that can top Scooter’s Coffee in my neighborhood.

Today, I tried Caribou Coffee since I’m waiting for a flight back home. I ordered what I usually order – cold brew, heavy whipping cream, and sugar free carmel (I’m a creature of habit.) The coffee was decent, but something caught my attention

even more than the coffee – my experience.

When I stepped to order my coffee the cashier greeted me, asked me where I was from. On top of that she asked me if I was from Colorado (I have a Tattoo of Colorado on my arm.) It was that she asked me the questions that got my attention, but the joy she had in asking. Her joy alone changed my whole perception about Caribou Coffee. On top of that it seemed like she actually liked her job.

Joy is one of the greatest indicators of a healthy life. When people come to your church what kind of people are you putting at the front door? More than that, what type of people are on your team.

The joy of a team determines the speed and effectiveness of a team. Who on your team has joy? Celebrate them, and make them heroes, and watch how it affects the culture of your church.

Choose Joy.